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Shahu Smarak Bhavan,

Dasara Chowk, Kolhapur, MH, India

Meet The Jury, Dr. Anmol Kothadiya...Explain Short Film | Vintage International Film Festival | 2018
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     Considering the historical and ancient background in the field of cinema from this cultural city like Kolhapur, the Vintage Film Foundation came into existence. New artists entering this field of cinema can get a huge platform through short films and documentaries, so these artists need exposure to the film industry through such platforms but looking for future perspectives they don’t get a proper platform to showcase their talent. This talent mustn’t be restricted to their local level, so we are providing them a chance to showcase it to the international level.     

     This historic city has given birth to many famous and prestigious artists like Baburao Painter, V. Shantaram, Master Vinayak, Master Vithhal, Bhalji Pendharkar, etc., who have great contributions in Marathi as well as World cinema, who are still rising and becoming successful. By looking forward to these artists as an idol, the upcoming youth of Kolhapur are chasing their dreams.     

      Here 5th Vintage International Film Festival gives them a chance to showcase their efforts at the international level to express their ideas, thoughts, and innovations in front of national and international artists and audiences.     

    Similarly, we have decided to organize a workshop to provide exposure and knowledge about minute details, and techniques of filmmaking to groom the new artist.


                                                                                                                                        Ganesh H. Gawali



What a dreamy start for a maiden film festival, solely dedicated to short films, animation films, and documentaries! A debutant in the region of western Maharashtra, an enigmatic initiative. The host did a complete task which other film festivals could only dream about. In its first-ever affair, it served a complete vintage of world-class short-films to Movie Lovers. In the ethical consideration, the organizers kept themselves away from the nomination or award process- there was indeed no direct or indirect influence or any sort of manipulation. It followed a complete transparency module. “Meet The Jury” is a novel initiative, in which the organizer offered filmmakers and the audiences alike to establish dialogues with film juries directly. The quality of 72 films, from 42 participating countries screened during the festival, all were world-class and outstanding cinema. Films like ‘Papa’ and ‘Ajay’ in the national film category were too matured creations and world-class film craft. There are other film festivals where a film like “Gaal” is screened without following the initial scrutiny processes. There are also plenty of examples of those Film Festivals that carry the tag of ‘International’ in its name but do not showcase a single international film, considering that in its first-ever installment the Vintage Short Film festival truly showcased a perfect model of hosting International Short film festivals. What one can call it? It is indeed a perfectionist touch. A truly inspiring carnival and celebration of world-class Short-films. Hearty Congrats and best wishes to Vintage for the forthcoming seasons of the Short Film Festival.  Great going! Keep it up!  
                                             Thank you.

Dr. Anmol Kodhadiya
Renowned Film Critic & International Short Film Festival Jury

"The Vintage International Film festival was amazing! They have a real knack for recognizing remarkable artwork - so proud to have participated, highly suggest entering!"

                                               Donny Walker

"Vintage International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals of India. It is a grand and unique platform for the filmmakers to showcase their talent."

                                  Anirban Chakraborty
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